So, last time I talked about my stomach issues (read here) I told you that my doctor gave me 1.5 weeks of Amitiza to sample for my IBS-C. Well after trying the medication for a week I decided not to keep taking it.



I really didn’t notice it helping much at all with my bowel movements, and around 3:00 pm every day I had the world’s worst heart burn. I had a pain in my chest that WOULD NOT go away, for hours….very painful. For now, I’ve decided to just “self medicate” myself by taking MiraLAX daily, and I think diet & exercise will help too.


14 thoughts on “IBS

    • For sure, and it kind of worried me that it wasn’t a pregnancy safe drug so I would *hopefully* be having to stop it soon anyway…..I hope so too. Thanks!!

  1. I took amitiza for about 6 months and didn’t notice any difference/changes. BUT I did notice that it made my feet swell! Crazy side effect, I guess! I also rely on miralax!!

  2. Hi Jen~ Have you ever heard of or tried any of Young Living Essential Oils? They help my family with a ton of things and I’m sure there would be something to help IBS. I can look it up in my reference guide for you if you’d like. Just let me know. 🙂

  3. I used to have really bad IBS symptoms but once I changed my eating like cutting out alot of greasy food and heavy breads It helped with my symptoms alot. Now I can determine what makes it works and what helps. Good Luck & i hope you find a solution to help you.

  4. Are you taking any probiotics? I know that combined with changing some eats habits has significantly improved my digestion. I hope you get this figure out while you are currently fertility Med free. 🙂

    • No, I had another friend recommend that too….I just feel like I already take so much, plus they’re not approved by the FDA so it’s really not recommended while pregnant. FOR SURE, thanks!

    • No such luck. Honestly, now I’m wondering if maybe I have a gluten allergy? Trying different things right now, hoping something works!

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