Meal replacements

insanityI originally ordered Insanity in 2012. My husband & I did the program for 7 weeks (R only managed to stick with it for 4 of those 7)….and I saw amazing results, I lost almost 20 lbs. But I was nearly starving myself, and using an appetite suppressant (not the healthiest way to go about weight loss). When I was comfortable with my body again I stopped working out and went back to my old ways of eating and sure enough over the next few months I gained it all back….and then some. Now fast forward 2 years and I’m 15 lbs heavier than I was when I started insanity the first time….jeez!! I realize this needs to be a lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet & exercise plan….but that’s where my biggest struggles are. I’ve really not been losing much weight this time around, but I’ve also not been starving myself either. I was eating around 1,600 net calories (meaning on the days I worked out I would eat more food). I’ve definitely noticed my legs and arms firming up….but not losing weight like I thought I should. And this week I’ve bumped it down to 1,200 calories….up to 1,400 on the days I work out….so we’ll see how that change works out for me.

shakeology flavors

***I feel like I should start out by letting you know that this is a completely UNBIASED opinion, I am in no way affiliated with BeachBody or Shakeology, and I am not receiving anything in return for this review.***

Since I started insanity in 2012 I’ve always heard of Shakeology. It’s a meal replacement shake that is “recommended” with any BeachBody program, but it’s pretty expensive. It’s $129.95 for a 30 serving bag…..but when you break it down it comes out to $4.33/serving….and I always spend more than that on meals when I eat out….so on a “per serving” basis it really isn’t THAT expensive. Through Instagram I came in contact with a BeachBody coach, and she offered to send me a free sample of Shakeology. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try without buying the whole bag…..because I’m NOTORIOUS for trying something new, not liking it, then wasting the rest. Well I received my free sample and tried it (8 oz unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana, ice, chocolate shakeology…..blended up) and let me tell you it was as DELICIOUS as everyone says it is. And very filling too. I had JUST a shake for dinner last night, and wasn’t starving a few hours later.

3 day refreshBeachBody is running a special this month with the 3-day refresh kit (normally $69.95 by itself) & a bag of Shakeology (normally $129.95 by itself) combined for $140… I decided to buy the package. The 3 day refresh kit is basically a cleanse to help get you back on track, and lots of people see great immediate results from the 3 days. I’m looking forward to my new meal replacements, and the refresh kit.

After I finish the 3 day refresh I’m going to start having my Shakeology shakes as a meal replacement for breakfast. It’s suggested that if you drink it in the morning it helps with your cravings throughout the day, and it’s also supposed to help with digestion (which I could definitely use help with).

what's in shakeology


6 thoughts on “Meal replacements

  1. Shakeology is legit good nutrition, and super convenient. I haven’t used the BeachBody program, but my friend’s husband used it and sells it and it certainly transformed him from flab to fab. Looking forward to your progress! XO

  2. I have really been thinking about buying the Piyo because i love yoga and pilates : ) Keep updating on how it goes !

  3. The month before we started treatments, I did the Ultimate Reset. I didn’t follow the meal plan exactly but I still lost over 10 lbs. And this was without working out (as I was still nursing a bad ankle injury)! Loved the Shakeology products. I haven’t been using them lately just for the sake of saving money. I had some other brands in the cupboard I figured I would use up first. But they are tasty.

  4. I have always feared Insanity and P90x. I HATE working out and anything that would make me want to throw up scares me so PROPS to you for doing it. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read more about the meal replacements as you continue. If you love it after the thirty days, I might just have to consider it 🙂 I trust your opinion over any other review online. xo

    • P90x is straight scary….b/c you need so much equipment. And I’m not gonna lie, insanity is scary too….but very doable. And if you’re not in good shape (like me) you can just modify the exercises and/or go at your own pace. It is what you make it into, and I always get a lot from the workouts. I’ll def keep you posted. Totally hear ya there. It’s hard to know what to trust out there with so much information readily available. But I have nothing to profit from this, so I will always give you my honest/raw opinion.

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