Finally, the scale is going in the right direction!!!


I didn’t even bother weighing myself last Friday (Fourth of July — an American holiday) because we had company in town and I was basically eating junk and drinking alcohol EVERYDAY, so I didn’t even want to know. But I’ve stayed on track this week (for the most part), and this morning I was down 0.8 lbs since my last weigh in (6/27). I plan to do my measurements too sometime this week to see how those are shaping up, I’ll keep you posted. Super excited to see the scale finally moving in the right direction….now, to keep it going!! 

My Shakeology & 3-day Refresh is scheduled to be delivered today, so I plan to start the refresh tomorrow. I have a bachelorette party next weekend and we’re going on a family vacation in 2 weeks….so I thought about putting off the refresh until after we get back from vacation, but I guess now is as good a time as any! It feels like we ALWAYS have something going on, especially during the summer, so there really isn’t an IDEAL time to do the refresh….because I don’t plan to give up alcohol until I have to. It’s my one vice right now, and I think I deserve to have it!


7 thoughts on “Finally, the scale is going in the right direction!!!

  1. Woohoo!! So glad you are starting to see the numbers on the scale do what you want! It is a really good feeling.

    Good luck with your shakeology and refresh! I hope they do even more wonders for you!

  2. If you only saw me this weekend! My bestie was in town from Toronto and we drank our faces off on Saturday. Diet wasn’t too bad though. I’m getting on the healthy bandwagon earlier before IVF though. You are showing progress. Keep it up. I’m sure the measurements will tell the true story. You are building muscle.

    • LOL, well I struggled with food AND alcohol….bad combination. For sure, I think it’s the smart thing to do. Thanks!! Yes, I have definitely noticed my legs (at least) firming up.

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