Fit Test #4

This past Saturday I finished week 6 of Insanity (keep in mind that for whatever reason they don’t count the recovery week as a week, so I’ve really been at it for 7 weeks now!). Yesterday I decided to go ahead and do my 4th fit test, because I didn’t think I’d feel like doing 2 workouts today, that’s a lot for a Monday!! I saw improvements in just about every exercise! Also, this was the first week I was able to do push-up jacks, the previous weeks I just did “girl push ups”, which is why I put the ** beside of those numbers. Now, don’t get me wrong….I’m not able to do a full push-up jack, but I’m VERY close to the real thing. Feeling very proud of myself and stronger each day.



I received my shipment from BeachBody on Friday with my Chocolate Shakeology & the 3-day refresh. I started the 3-day refresh on Saturday, today is my last day. I’ll do a full review of it tomorrow after I’ve completed the program, but let me tell you I’m loving the results so far. I’m also LOVING starting my day with my Shakeology shakes. They’re so delicious, have so many vitamins & nutrients, and help keep me full until lunch.


Something else I’ve been trying is drinking a TON of water!!! The amount of water that is recommend for consumption is 1/2 your body weight in ounces, which is a LOT of water…..but I’ve been making it happen. And you know what, it really does help control my appetite. I feel full ALL THE TIME since I’m basically always guzzling water. The only negative thing is that I now have to pee several times an hour, lol. I’ve learned to cut off my drinking at 7:00 pm though, so I’m not up all night!

I’m heading out of town this coming weekend for a bachelorette party, which I’m VERY EXCITED for….but I’m also nervous about falling off the wagon again. I always have good intentions, but when it actually comes down to it I’m WEAK and give into junk food too easily! I’m planning to pack my blender and Shakeology, so I can at least have a healthy breakfast….and I’m also going to bring my Insanity DVD’s, so hopefully I am able to still stay on track while having fun with my girlfriends.


6 thoughts on “Fit Test #4

    • Well, it took me a whole 7 weeks to get here!! At the beginning of the program I couldn’t even do a real push-up, not even half of the way down and up….I would fall EVERY TIME!

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