Here we go

It’s almost like AF heard me talking about her yesterday because she showed up with a vengeance this morning! I woke up early this morning to pee, and had the most full feeling in my lower abdomen. After I peed I still felt so much pressure, and realized AF was here. I took some Advil after breakfast, and that has helped with the cramps a lot. It does make it really easy for keeping up with my CD’s though since I started on August 1st.

I went in to see my RE this morning. My clearing ultrasound went great, no issues whatsoever. He was pleased to see my lining back to “normal” after my chemical pregnancy in May. So here’s the protocol for this cycle, 100mg Clomid CD3-7, and on CD7 I’ll start my injections 2 vials of hMG per day (they can be combined in 1 shot). I have a follow up ultrasound scheduled on CD12 to see how I’m responding and determine how many more shots I’ll need. Last cycle with only 1 vial of hMG per day I had 2 beautiful follicles, I’m hoping that 2 vials per day doesn’t produce like 15 follicles….so we’ll see.

I asked about my Zoloft prescription, for my depression, because I know it’s not a pregnancy safe drug. I didn’t know if he’d want me to stop taking it before or after I got pregnant again. He suggested I switch to Cymbalta instead, so that’s just what I’m going to do. It is safe to take while pregnant, so I won’t have to switch again….assuming I like it and it does the job. He said within a month I should know for sure how I feel about it.

I called to order my HCG trigger shot after leaving my doctor’s office this morning, and what do you know they’ve had a price increase! Last time I ordered it (in April of this year) it was $85.90, and this time it was $109.90…..hell of an increase if you ask me! Hopefully this will be the last one I’ll ever need!

So that’s that, Clomid starts on Sunday, injections start on Thursday, and my next appointment is August 12th. IUI#5 will likely be between August 14-17. Here we go!!


22 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. my clinic just announced a bunch of price increases. maybe it’s a thing they are all doing?… like they need more money…so happy to hear everything is looking perfect. good luck!

  2. I spent HOURS on the phone with my insurance agency and my RE’s office to get my trigger shot covered. My insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatments but they covered it because the wonderful nurse at the RE’s office gave them a code that was covered under something other than “fertility treatment”. If you have insurance, you might want to talk to your doc about coding it differently! I only pay $24 now instead of $160! Good luck, hope this is your time!!

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