The anxiety is starting to set in

This is my second injectable IUI, and the injections just really freak me out. I know they don’t hurt, but there’s just something about jabbing yourself in the thigh with a 1 1/2 inch needle that just seems unnatural. I had a friend help me with my last round of shots, and I will again this time. For whatever reason, even knowing that I have someone that will help me with the shots I’m still starting to freak out. I just go over it in my head over and over again and stress myself out, unnecessarily. I realize it’s not rational, and I’ve tried to tame the anxiety….but I’m having a tough time because my injections start tomorrow.

I finished my third dose (out of 5) of Clomid last night, and so far so good. I’ve had some hot flashes and I think I’ve been hungrier, but who knows maybe it’s all in my head. I woke up with a horrible headache this morning, but after taking some Tylenol and having a cup of coffee I feel much better.

T25I started T-25, another BeachBody program that we’ve owned for a few years and have never completed (LOL, yea story of my life), on Monday and so far it’s going pretty good. It’s definitely “easier” than Insanity…and mainly just because it’s only 25 minutes as opposed to 45+ with insanity, and it’s only 5 days a week instead of the 6 with insanity. Everyone has 25 minutes 5 days a week they can devote to working out right?? That’s the idea behind it! I just love Shaun T!

I also wanted to update you on my decision about being on anti-depression medication going forward. At my last RE appointment they wanted to switch me from Zoloft to Cymbalta because hopefully I’ll be pregnant before too much longer and he said Cymbalta was a safer pregnancy drug. But when I consulted Dr. Google I realized they were both rated C for pregnancy (they typically don’t want you taking anything higher than a B while you’re pregnant, depending on what you’re treating)….so this had me a little concerned. So what I’ve decided to do is stay on Zoloft until I get pregnant, then stop taking it all together. I was nervous to have to stop taking the medication before I actually had a positive pregnancy test, because if this cycle doesn’t work that’s when I’ll need the meds the most. That’s typically the time I sink so low. I was so happy to hear that it wouldn’t be a problem to continue taking them until I got a positive test.

Wish me luck with my injections starting tomorrow!! I’ll check in again next Tuesday after my RE appointment, if not before. 🙂



33 thoughts on “The anxiety is starting to set in

  1. Sounds like a good plan on the Zoloft. 🙂 I understand how you feel about the injections. There is something unnerving about putting a sharp object into your body even if it doesn’t hurt much. It goes against everything your brain is telling you. I’m glad you have a friend for support. 🙂

    • I think it’s the “best of both worlds” because I definitely feel that the Zoloft helps me with my depression, but I just don’t want to chance anything once I get pregnant by taking it….and honestly, I think most of my depression issues are related to infertility. Oh for sure, I’m just so glad I have a friend who can help… way my husband could do it, lol.

  2. Good Luck! I should know in a few days if I will be having to start injectables again. I also have T25 but lately every time I try to do a program or exercise, I get an injury! I need to get to the chiro and get my stupid back strong again before I attempt another program. Sending lots of baby dust that this will be your cycle!!!

    • Thanks!! Oh how exciting, I love starting a new cycle….I always feel so excited and hopeful…..then once the 2ww starts it’s all crazy! Have you done insanity before? I honestly like their stretches before and after better than the ones that are in the T-25 program… calves are pretty tight today (and were yesterday too)…..which is telling me I need to do more stretching!! Yes, I think getting straightened out by your chiropractor will be helpful!! Thanks again, I really appreciate your support!

    • LOL. Yea, it’s scary!! For mine they say it needs to be in my butt (which I obviously can’t reach myself) or in my thigh. I have to alternate legs every day because they’re kind of sore from the injections.

  3. I am positive your shots will go fine. I usually get all worked up although I give them to myself, I just have a hard time trusting others. I am glad that you enjoy T-25. I am currently doing Yoga and Pilates daily & I love it. Sending prayers your way : )

    • Thanks for saying that. Yes, it’s just the thought of doing them that gives me the jeepers creepers….they’re not so bad, and this time next week they’ll be all over! Thanks again!

  4. Good luck! I also have done the injections. The first time around, I almost passed out just from the act of injecting myself. Weird feeling.
    I have also struggled with anti-depressants and going on and off. I was on Lexapro for a long time and when I finally came off for good, I was so dizzy for awhile.

  5. Our house understands the buddy system. When it was needle time for my wife during the work day, she always called. I took a short break from work and we talked through it. No one likes to do the needles alone.

    My wife uses Wellbutrin for her anti-depressant. Nothing else she tried has worked anywhere near as well. The bonus being it is a pregnancy safe drug. I realize that Zoloft is a SSRI and Wellbutrin functions totally differently. Just our experience.

    Good luck with both your IUI and T25!

    • Thank you. It’s so nice to hear a man’s perspective! I wonder why my doctor didn’t mention Wellbutrin? I honestly don’t know much about the different ones out there either, but that’s nice!

      Thanks, I really appreciate your words of encouragement!

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