Holy follicles Batman!!

CD12I’m CD12 today and had an ultrasound this morning to check on my follicles. I have been feeling a little sore, and bloated lately….but this morning as soon as the ultrasound wand went in I could feel just how sore I really was. My cervix hurt so badly, it’s never been this sensitive before. Then I found out why…..I currently have 19 follicles, about 7-9 of them are almost mature enough for the IUI. SEVEN to NINE FOLLICLES, I kind of had a moment when they told me the number. I expected more this time since I was doing double the hMG dose as before, but not THIS MANY MORE.Β My RE asked me what type of work I do, then instructed me that I was not to do any heavy lifting or any exercises more than a walk until further notice.

My RE thinks we should still push ahead with the IUI, since we have male factor infertility. He said the risk of more than twins is very low, but there is still a risk. So that’s what we’re going to do….keep on moving. He said my chance of getting pregnant this cycle is VERY HIGH because of the number of follicles, and we went over the option of selective reduction again.

He said with this number of follicles I’m at risk for OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and had the nurse draw my blood to check my Estradiol.Β I have another appointment scheduled for Thursday morning (CD14) for another ultrasound to check on my follicles, and I’ll have my blood drawn again to check my Estradiol…..that number can help determine whether I’m at risk for OHSS or not. My RE said that there’s a chance we’ll end up using Lupron as the trigger shot this time around to avoid OHSS. Not thrilled about this because I’ve already dropped $109.90 on the HCG trigger shot, but hey….I definitely don’t want OHSS! Looks like we’ll be having IUI#5 on/around Saturday.

48 thoughts on “Holy follicles Batman!!

  1. Wow, that is crazy! Awesome that your chances are high this month, less awesome that you are at risk for OHSS. Hope everything goes perfectly! (And agree with others, sounds like a good candidate to convert to IVF!)

  2. And also drink V8! Lucky you that you get to continue. My last IUI got cancelled due to so many follies. And I asked to convert that cycle to IVF and they said no since it’s a completely different protocol. Good luck and sending you lots of baby dust!

    • Good to know, I hadn’t heard that one before either!! Yea, they didn’t mention anything to me about the chance of converting…and our money situation still hasn’t changed, we don’t have another $10,000 laying around that we could use to convert it anyway. Thank you!!

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