All systems go for IUI #5!

CD14This morning I had another ultrasound to check on my growing follicles (CD14), and I also had another blood draw to check my Estradiol levels….hopefully they’re okay and I’m not going to overstimulate. I’ve been pounding water & Gatorade like it’s going out of style, and peeing every 10 minutes….it’s quite annoying. I’m definitely still very tender, and my work pants are so tight right now from the extra bloat. I will probably be wearing a maxi-skirt for the next few days/weeks. I guess my Estradiol levels from Tuesday were low enough so my RE still wants to use the HCG trigger shot, which is a good sign. The ultrasound went well, I have 12 potentially mature follicles, and I’m ready to trigger tonight. So I’ll do my HCG trigger shot tonight at 10:00 pm and have my IUI on Saturday morning at 10:00 am. Since it’s going to be on the weekend I’ll have to do the at home sperm washing like last time (for more details on this click here)….which actually makes it nicer because we’re not so rushed that way. We have friends coming in this weekend, so I’ll just go to the appointment on my own. My RE made a follow up appointment for me next Thursday, I think I’ll have my Estradiol checked again….and he just wants to be sure I’m not hyperstimulating.

I know to a lot of you 12 mature follicles seems like a lot for an IUI, AND IT IS….but with male factor we’re at a lot lower risk of all of them fertilizing…and this large number gives us a VERY HIGH shot that this will in fact work this time, which is so exciting…so that’s that. IUI #5 here we come!

In other, non TTC related news, I got my final grade back from the finance class I took this summer…..A, so I still have a 4.0 in grad school 🙂

49 thoughts on “All systems go for IUI #5!

  1. I think I need to talk to my RE about doing something else. We have male factor IF too and I always only have 1 follicle every IUI. I really want to up my chances! Good luck girl!

    • I highly recommend it! They say 3-4 follicles really increases your odds. Have you tried injectables with IUI yet? This is the first time I’ve ever had numbers like this, the most I’ve had before this was 4 (and that didn’t work). Thank you!!

      • No, I never have more than 1 follicle 😦 I wonder why my RE has never explored the injectables to increase my chances. I just finished my Femara for this cycle and will probably have IUI #3 next Wednesday but I am totally going to talk to her about this for next time!

      • Well maybe you won’t even need a next time 😉 but if you do, I definitely recommend it! We had 3 IUI’s with Clomid only then moved onto Clomid with injectables for 4 & 5.

  2. congrats on the awesome grade! good job. good luck with everything this weekend. i’ll be sending positive vibes and good thoughts your way!!

  3. This is all great news! Fingers crossed for #5! How do you do the sperm wash at home? Does your clinic give you the necessities or is there a kit you can order? That is super interesting.

    • It’s really strange….there’s a vial of solution they gave me. My husband will give me his sample in the cup, I’ll let it sit (room temp) for 30 minutes, then add the solution and “swirl” it around….then just keep it at room temperature until I go in. The first time (the last IUI) I had to do it I was really weirded out….but it worked just fine, so I’m a lot more relaxed about it this time. Thank you!!! (for more details you can check out my original post about this)

  4. I so hope this is the cycle for you! I’m glad they’re letting you go through with this cycle…I’m sure my RE wouldn’t let me if I had that many. Fingers crossed this is it for you. 🙂 And Congrats on the 4.0!!!

  5. I know you say your chances are less with MFI but holy man! Those follicle numbers scare me! Hoping for the best for you – a healthy pregnancy leading to a healthy baby. Do you up the water intake the second you start stimming?

  6. Holy shit! You’re gonna have babieSSS AND you;re gonna get a TV show woman!! When you say potentially mature, what sizes are they? That’s incredible! My RE wanted to cancel my IUI because I had 2 mature follies and maybe another mature one… Happy yours is willing to go forward with it! and really really really hope you get a BFP this time!

    • LOL, I don’t want my own tv show….I just want a baby or two. There’s a pic in the post with all of the sizes. Yes, it’s rare that a RE will move forward…..part of his reasoning is our male factor infertility though.

      • Oh my God, they’re all big except for a few less than 15mm ones! Youre gonna get a + this time Jen!!! Our issue is male infertility too but my doctor was so strict… I dont have a lot of options here in Hawaii though, couldnt even find a flexible doctor! Good luuuuck!

      • That’s right, I forgot!! Yea….for sure, I think that’s more standard than not. I really hope this is it, thank you!

    • Thank you!! I’ve tried coconut water a few times (different brands and different flavors) and always hate it…..I think it tastes awful. I WANT to like it, because of how good it is for you….but I just don’t. 😦 Thanks again, I really appreciate your support!

  7. Wow! Will be thinking of you Saturday, sending you well wishes and crossing my fingers. And, congrats on the A! Grad school is tough enough, especially when you have many other things on your mind. Kudos to you.

  8. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts on Saturday. Praying for 2 happy, healthy, sticky little beans and no more 🙂 Congrats on your grade too, that’s awesome!

  9. Great news girlie! If I were you to help reduce the bloat, just stick to the gatorade. When I got OHSS, my RE told me that water would make the bloat worse and that I needed to drink something with lots of sodium, etc. to flush out the excess fluid. I hope that helps ya 🙂 xoxo

      • yes V8 is really good too! I can’t stand the stuff but forced myself to chug it like it was the only thing on earth.
        I also had lots of chicken noodle soup mainly because I couldn’t eat anything solid. All the fluid had pushed up my organs and food would get stuck in my chest. Worst experience ever. :/

      • You shouldn’t get it since you are taking precautions now. I didn’t realize what I should be eating or drinking until it was too late

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