And now we wait

5Today I had my fifth IUI, and things couldn’t have gone smoother. We have friends in town this weekend, so I know R was a little uncomfortable about “doing his business” this morning, but it’s just all part of it! Poor thing had to set an alarm for 7:00 am, so when the alarm went off I just went downstairs and cooked breakfast and made coffee to give him some space. I had to leave the house at 9:15 in order to drop off R’s “sample” to the lab by 9:30 am, then went to my appointment at 10:00 am.

His sperm count was very similar to the last time we had an IUI, 16 million post wash (last time it was 17 mil, these are the two highest counts we’ve ever had, so I’m super happy about that)!! I was kind of thinking that ovulation might be super painful this time bc of my high follicle count, but it was no different than all of the other times, just a little cramping. Thank god! The image I had in my mind was fireworks going off in my ovaries, lol….so glad that didn’t happen. There was some discomfort as the doctor inserted the catheter, but it was all over quickly.

So now comes the hard part, the two week wait. In the two weeks leading up to the IUI there’s always so much going on, there are pills to take, shots to administer, ultrasound appointments, etc….then after the IUI there’s NOTHING…and it seems like time just crawls. I’m going to try my best to keep busy.

I started making a quilt (prob 2 years ago) that I still have yet to finish, so I’m going to work on it some, I start school again the week of the 25th, and the 25th is our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can’t help but think that having our FIVE year anniversary during the 2WW of our FIFTH IUI is a lucky occurrence….but then again aren’t we always looking for signs??

We don’t have anything planned for our anniversary, we usually just lay low, and usually do a “traditional” gift that we buy together. Last year we bought a lime tree, because fruit is the traditional gift for 4 years. This year is wood…..not sure what we’ll end up getting. Maybe a bench for the yard? Still undecided. We have company coming into town next weekend too (our friends who are pregnant again after the loss of their twins), then the following weekend is Labor Day weekend and we’re visiting friends that weekend….so we have a LOT going on in the next few weeks. Which will hopefully help the time pass quickly.

That’s it, I’m going to try to keep busy and hope to have an update to you all soon!






34 thoughts on “And now we wait

  1. I’m sprinkling baby dust all over you!!! I’m glad to hear it all went perfectly! Good luck on your two week wait, hopefully it’s your last!

  2. I definitely think the five year anniversary during your fifth cycle is a good sign!! 🙂 We will keep you in our prayers!

  3. i’ll be thinking of you during your 2ww. if you need support during that time, (as we all do!), be sure to reach out. we’re here for you xo good luck!

  4. Good luck! Pray it’s lucky #5 for you! I remember the time for my husband to get his sample ready. We have a small house and I would wait in the car, lol! Hope we read a happy announcement in 2 wks!

  5. Good luck Jen! Will be thinking of you. Loved the visual of the fireworks going off. You should send me a photo of your quilt. I made one two winters ago. I’ve been meaning to get back into it but just haven’t had a chance yet.

  6. I hear you on the pain of the TWW and the looking for signs! If we are pregnant this month baby would be due close to DH’s birthday and would have been conceived around mine… If only huh?! Best of luck dragging yourself through the next two weeks – it’s always better when there’s a bunch of stuff happening 🙂 xx

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