Hyperstim check

outputcollectionThis morning I had an appointment with my RE to see if I was still at risk for OHSS. It was a pretty basic appointment, he mashed around on my stomach for a bit then I had some blood work done. He said he would call with the results this afternoon, and if they were a certain number he wanted me to start the 24 hour urine output test immediately, which requires measuring all of the liquid I consume, and measuring my pee. They even gave me this awesome contraption that I have to put between the toilet bowl & seat to help measure it. I really hope it doesn’t come down to that……I really don’t want to have to measure my pee every time I urinate, especially at work. I don’t exactly want to be rinsing it out in the sink where someone may see me, but then again if I don’t rinse it out each time I imagine it’ll start to smell. JEEZ! Basically they just want to make sure that what I’m consuming is coming out, and if it’s not they want to know where it’s going. I also have to weigh myself daily, and if I gain more than 5 lbs in one day call the RE’s office immediately.

I’ve been feeling much more “normal” since Monday, but my RE said I still shouldn’t be doing any exercise or any activity other than sitting at my computer for my desk job…..I’m starting to feel really lazy, I hope it is lifted soon.

I scheduled my “pregnancy test appointment” for Thursday, August 28th. I’ll be 12dpiui then. My doctor is out of the office the next day, and since we’re going out of town labor day weekend he wanted to go ahead and check me for OHSS once more, and if I’m pregnant I’ll have a beta blood test.

10 thoughts on “Hyperstim check

    • Isn’t that weird? Apparently it’s pretty common for ohss patients. I’m okay, much better than last week but still slightly uncomfortable. I should find out this afternoon if I have to do the urine test or not.

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