11dpiui, it’s not looking good

11dpiuiI took a test this morning, and it was negative. I still have a few more days before I should lose all hope of this cycle working out, but I’m feeling pretty broken today.

Since I’m on progesterone suppositories AF won’t come to visit until I stop them, so it doesn’t mean anything that she hasn’t shown up yet. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to check to see if I’m still at risk for OHSS, but I doubt I am. I feel perfectly fine, physically. They’ll have me do another urine pregnancy test, and if it’s negative too then we’ll discuss a plan for our next cycle. 😦

46 thoughts on “11dpiui, it’s not looking good

  1. No doubt that this sucks. I am so sorry. You have been so positive and such a cheerleader for everyone else. I know you have it in you to stay positive. Never give up. This cycle not working doesn’t mean that the next one can’t. 🙂

  2. Ugh, I hope it was just a late implantation. I had a BFN at 10dpIUI with my daughter and a FAINT positive at 12dpIUI, so I’m guessing it was neg at 11. I hope the same for you. ((HUGS))

    • I’m really sorry to hear that. They don’t, I’m having a really tough day. And once I start the water works it’s so hard to turn them off. Thinking of you. xoxo

      • I hear you. I’ve been having a really tough couple of months! As much as it really sucks, it does make it a LITTLE easier to know there are so many of us going through the same thing so we don’t feel so alone and abnormal! Thinking of you too!
        Looks like you and I are going through almost identical struggles with MFI, so if you ever wanna vent to me, please email kabraham84@hotmail.com 🙂

  3. Jen – I’m so sorry. It doesn’t make sense ever. Were there any big differences between this cycle and your last? Food, exercise, stress? Ah man, who am I kidding? We put our heart and soul into conceiving and we never know what one thing may make the difference. What are you doing IF there is a need for another cycle? Another IUI?

    • No real changes between this time and last time at all. If anything I’d say I was in a better mindset this time. It’s just so tough. Honestly I haven’t thought that far, I really didn’t think we would need another cycle. I guess we’ll do another IUI with injectables. Nothing has really changed for us financially, we can’t afford IVF or adoption right now….and my husband is still opposed to borrowing.

      • Maybe so. We’re going out of town to visit friends this weekend, so maybe on our way home (Tuesday) we’ll have a nice long chat about what comes next. I honestly don’t know what to think. I had so much hope b/c our last IUI worked, even though it ended in a CP, especially with all of the follicles I produced.

      • You were a follicle producing machine this month. I thought for sure we would be getting a multiples pregnancy. Hang in there. It’s a lot for your husband to expect you to go through this month after month. I think he should consider the increased chances with IVF. I am a firm believer in the fact that IVF easily resolves MFI.

  4. I got a very faint positive on day 13 at night. There is no way it would have been positive on day 11! My beta even came back higher then expected. Don’t lose hope!

    • I hope I have a story like yours in another few days! I know it’s still too early, I don’t know why I torture myself by testing early. I wish I could just relax during the 2ww and take 1 test on 14dpiui and that would be that. Thanks!

  5. I am so sorry sugars! I love this quote…

    “I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.” ~Unknown

    This IUI *might* not have worked this time around, but who is to say the next one wont? Everything is possible with God involved in our situations so keep hoping and believing! Love ya girl!

  6. Today is 11 dpIUI for me too! I tested yesterday at 10 dpIUI and got a BFN so I’m too scared to test until maybe tomorrow or Friday. It’s so tough!! I feel your pain. It feels so consuming, like it’s all I can think about. Hoping you and I get BFP’s!!

  7. Oh, I’m so sorry. I have been really, REALLY pulling for you, especially this month! 11 dpiui does still seem a little early to me, though I’m not an expert. Thinking of you, and keep us posted.

    • Awww, thank you!! I hope it is….still a few days left. I don’t know why I torture myself by testing early. SHOULD there be another cycle, I VOW not to do this again!!!!

  8. deep breaths. it ain’t over til AF shows. i too have to pee on alllll the sticks. starting at 8dpo. LOL. as if anyone gets a + on 8dpo. why do we torture ourselves?? i think you are still early lady. hang in there!

    • Well, if I’m not pregnant AF won’t come until I stop taking the progesterone suppositories….so that’s really not a sign for me. But you’re right, it still could be a little early. I don’t know about the torture thing, I do it to myself EVERY time!!

  9. Sending so many hugs. I hope and pray that it changes and a dark second line appears, but I know how frustrating it is to test early and not have anything show up. So sorry.. Keeping you in my thoughts.

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