So, I’m a little bit pregnant

3This morning I had my “pregnancy test appointment” at my RE’s office. I didn’t have it in me to take another hpt this morning b/c I just couldn’t see another BFN. My RE is on vacation this week, so I had to meet with another doctor….but it was a pretty quick appointment. The urine pregnancy test was negative, just as I thought it would be. Normally my RE’s office doesn’t do beta HCG tests until you have a confirmed pregnancy test, but since they wanted to do another CBC (complete blood count) and estradiol check to see if I was still at risk for OHSS they added HCG beta to the list too. I got a call just a few minutes ago and the doctor told me my HCG was 3. I was pretty shocked. I expected a call saying it was negative, but I didn’t expect a 3. This isn’t good or bad news just yet. Today I’m 12dpiui, so it’s still REALLY early. They want to repeat the beta in 48 hours, but since we’re going out of town this weekend I won’t have another beta until Tuesday. So for now I’m pregnant, and on Tuesday I’ll find out more details. I’m kind of in shock. I wouldn’t say I’m excited, because 3 isn’t that exciting of a beta number….I guess I just kind of feel numb.

Please pray that this is a sticky bean. πŸ™‚ ❀

90 thoughts on “So, I’m a little bit pregnant

  1. Yay!! I mean, your baby could have literally JUST implanted hours ago. And that would be a totally normal implantation time. Keeping everything crossed for rising numbers!

    • Yea, I guess it could have just happened very recently. They say implantation happens between 6 & 12dpiui, so maybe I’m just on the later end of that scale. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Talk about a waiting game!! Oh my goodness! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way but hey- you’re pregnant right now!! Hope that you have a good weekend knowing that you’ve got lots of people and prayers on your side!

  3. ohhhhh man!!! Keeping fingers crossed for you! My RE doesnt technically consider anything below a 5 preggo, so hopefully this is just SUPER early good news!! πŸ™‚

  4. Stick stick stick little bean!!! Hope that hcg rises healthily for you and you get a perfect result on Tuesday!! All the best x

  5. Wow! That’s awesome! My first beta with my daughter was 25, and the nurse basically wrote it off as a no-go, but 48 hours later it had shot up to 200 something. And the rest, as they say, is history! Sending you the most positive of vibes. Can’t wait to read an update. Meanwhile, enjoy getting out of town!

    • Thank you for that encouraging story, I really hope this is it!! I had a chemical pregnancy back in May and it was devastating. Thank you, looking forward to a fun weekend. Will update on Tuesday when I know something.

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