Possible ectopic

We had our first ultrasound this afternoon and it didn’t go like we thought it would, there was no sac. It still could be a bit early, so they had me do ANOTHER beta test. My HCG should be around 1,106 today (it is suppose to double every 48 hours), which would make it around 2,212 on Friday. My RE said he would call me with today’s results tomorrow morning and talk about what’s next. He said once your HCG reaches 2,000 you should definitely see a sac, and if we don’t it is likely this is an ectopic pregnancy (when the fertilized egg implants in one of the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus). Nothing is for certain yet, but by Friday we should have some answers.

If this is an ectopic pregnancy I asked if I would have surgery to remove the pregnancy….he said he didn’t like to do surgery because of the risk of losing a tube so he would give me a medication to remove the pregnancy….basically I would have an abortion. At that word I burst into tears. I’ve fought so hard to be here where I am I hope that this is not what we will have to do.

For now I am still pregnant and as far as we know everything is still perfect. Please pray for my little bean. I hope it was just taking a little extra time to snuggle in and we’ll get to see it on Friday.


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