4 days post methotrexate

I had an appointment yesterday for more bloodwork and I briefly met with my RE, since he was on vacation while I was going through my ectopic he just wanted to check in with me. He called me last night with the results from my blood test, and seemed pretty concerned. My HCG had gone up to 2,632. Apparently it’s pretty common for the first blood draw to go up, what’s really important is the drop between day 4 & 7. But he was surprised to have seen it go so much higher, so he scheduled another appointment for me Monday morning. So I have to go back to the hospital on Sunday for more bloodwork, then to another appointment Monday where he’ll do another ultrasound. I guess at that point I may have to have another shot of methotrexate….time will tell.

I still have yet to experience any bleeding or cramping, but I guess that’s because my HCG is still so  high. I’ve read it could take up to a month for it to happen, and some women don’t experience it at all…it just gets “reabsorbed” by the body, which seems kind of creepy.

My RE told me to rest a lot this weekend, and if I start having ANY pain to go to the ER immediately….kind of a scary thing to hear. Luckily we don’t have any plans this weekend, and I’m still sick with a cold….so I don’t mind laying around the house all weekend.

Praying hard for a lot of my infertility sisters right now, one in particular Awaiting Autumn. She just went through her first round of IVF and had her beta on Wednesday (12 days past a 5 day transfer) and it was pretty low. I’m just praying that it’s SO MUCH HIGHER today and that she’s not losing her baby. I just don’t understand why these kinds of things happen to such good people. Please pray for my friend.


33 thoughts on “4 days post methotrexate

  1. I was just thinking of you Jen. Thank you so much my friend. I understand what your pain feels like and I am so sorry you have faced this twice now. Big hugs to you. Thank you for being such a strong support.

  2. My tubal was right up on my ovary which they claim would have made it impossible to see on an ultrasound (?). I am so grateful the surgery was able to save my ovary. Slightly different placement or a couple more days, and the ovary would have been lost too.

    Knowing what I know now, I would push for another ultrasound and more bloodwork today. Otherwise I would freak out all weekend. But it sounds like your doctors are on it.

    • Well, at my ultrasound on Monday they were able to confirm that my pregnancy is in my left tube….I’m hoping the methotrexate will be enough, and I don’t have to have a second dose on Monday….but I guess we’ll see. I’m honestly not that stressed about it right now.

  3. I hate watching you and other blogger friends struggle–there’s been a lot of disappointment lately and ALL of you deserve to move on–you’ve all “paid your dues” and it doesn’t seem fair at all 😦 Hoping your betas begin to drop by Sunday and that you have no pain. XOXO

  4. I’m so sorry you’re going through this..I’m praying for it to be over soon so you can move on. I know how hard limbo is and how scary it can be and I HATE that you have to experience this. It’s just so cruel. Hugs friend.

  5. I pray the medication starts to do it’s job and you do not need another shot. I also follow Awaiting Autumn and have been praying constantly for her these past few days. I just hate this too. Sending you a big hug hon.

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