My first acupuncture session

I had my first acupuncture session today, and I must say I loved it! I really liked the acupuncturist, we vibed really well. I had already filled out a bunch of paperwork pertaining to my medical history prior to arriving, and we went over that first. She asked me lots of questions about infertility and depression. When she learned that we had male factor infertility she said that she could treat my husband too, lol….well I told her to rest assured that wouldn’t happen. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t see my husband going for an acupuncture appointment….he thinks it’s kinda crazy. I told her how technically I was still “pregnant” and was trying to pass the baby now, and told her about the methotrexate. 

She said step 1 for me would be to getting me back to “normal”, but once my HCG had returned to zero she would work on helping me build up my folic acid again and work on my fertility, she even recommended Chinese herbs….but we didn’t get much into it today.

Next I hopped up onto the table and we got started. She placed a few needles in my feet, one in each hand, and then one on each side of my neck. She said she doesn’t like to do too many for the first session. She had me take a deep breath then exhale, and as I was exhaling she inserted the needles. There was a little sting with a few of the needles as they went in, but I couldn’t feel them at all after a minute or so. The needles are very tiny, it takes 7 acupuncture needles to equal the size of a “regular” needle. Since our goal right now is to rid my body of this pregnancy she offered to hook me up to a  TENS unit, saying that it would help move the energy along. I agreed, so she hooked it up to two of the needles on my left foot. Basically it was a very subtle vibration, didn’t hurt at all. I stayed on the table with all of the needles in for about 15 minutes. I closed my eyes at one point and almost dozed off. I found it very relaxing.

auriculareacacupunctureBefore she took the needles out my acupuncturist told me about auricular ear acupuncture, and offered to put some ear “tacks/seeds” in my ear. She said it works very similarly to reflexology in the feet, so I agreed. She placed 3 in my right ear, one is for shoulder pain, one for relaxing sleep, and one for stress relief. You’re supposed to press on them throughout the day, it’s like acupuncture even after you leave the appointment…..they do look kinda funky though, so I’ll just keep my hair un-tucked for now. They will fall off in the shower within the next few days.

I couldn’t feel her removing the needles at all, and that was it! I scheduled another appointment for next Thursday. It was so relaxing doing it on my lunch break. I look forward to my next appointment!


23 thoughts on “My first acupuncture session

  1. Before we decided to use western medicine, we did a couple weeks of acupuncture with herbs. They treated my hubby as well, but only with the herbs. Just to forewarn you, they call it “herbal tea” – do not be fooled! It is basically like drinking dirt. It isn’t enjoyable. Unfortunately, our stint was short lived as we changed to western medicine, but I do know someone who was told IVF would not work on her (due to her reserve) and her hubby had low morphology. They did the acupuncture and herb treatment for 6 months and got pregnant with their miracle baby. I do believe there is something to it! Good luck and I am thinking of you during this time.

  2. Thanks for posting your experience. Just this week I booked my very first acupuncture appointment as well, at the recommendation of a perinatal grief counselor. I have to wait two weeks until my appointment, but I am so looking forward to it. I hope you find it helpful.

  3. So happy you enjoyed it! I didn’t want to say it before you experienced it yourself, but I HATED acupuncture! I don’t know why, but I found it extremely uncomfortable. My friend works at the place I had it done (its in the hospital, very reputable) and she said I’m one of the only people who ever didn’t like it. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was the day before my period came so I was super sensitive to everything. Apparently where you are in your cycle has a lot of effect on it. I may end up trying it again 🙂

  4. Those little acupuncture seeds are how I quit smoking years ago. So glad you ate getting a chance to heal and take care of yourself.

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