Maintaining your Marriage after a Miscarriage

I found this blog post today (a guest blog post on In All You Do written by Lindsey Bell). I got a lot from the post, and wanted to share for those of you who might be working through a similar situation. Lindsey gave 5 really great tips (I’ve shared my favorite below) of how to maintain your marriage after a miscarriage…..I know I’m struggling right now, and I think there is a lot of truth to the tips she gave. 

1. Give each other some grace.

Because both of you are grieving, it’s important to give each other plenty of grace. Grief can make you angry, irritable, or weepy. When two people are in different parts of the grief cycle, it’s easy to understand why conflicts arise.

For the months (and possibly years) following a miscarriage, try your best to extend grace to your partner. You are both hurting, and fighting with one another will only make the pain greater.

Baby loss has the potential to either tear your marriage apart or bring it together.

~Lindsey Bell

To read the entire article head on over to In All You Do.

8 thoughts on “Maintaining your Marriage after a Miscarriage

  1. What a great piece of advice. My husband and I just need to remember that we are both imperfect humans trying to share an imperfect life together.

  2. I am so sorry. We really struggled through our journey. I thought I was alone in feeling all of the failure, I was too focused on my own feelings to realize my husband was just trying to be brave for me. Although we never experienced pregnancy, we experienced a lot of heartache. I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray that you get the little one your heart desires. Hang in there!

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