Methotrexate round 2 coming right up

IMG_8160They’ve been monitoring my HCG levels closely over the last few weeks after my first dose of Methotrexate for my ectopic pregnancy on September 15th (I’ve literally had 2-3 blood draw’s per week for the past 9 weeks). My levels have been dropping slowly, but dropping steadily so there wasn’t a problem until now. Well, it seems I’ve hit a plateau. Monday’s HCG level was 255 and today’s level was 224… my RE thinks it’s time to go ahead with another round of Methotrexate.

We’ve been trying to avoid another dose, but he said even in cases like mine that are nearing the end he’s seen things turn ugly and patients require emergency surgery at the last minute. At all costs we want to avoid having to operate on my tube, so he thinks the safest option at this point is to do another shot of Methotrexate. So that’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to head into my RE’s office first thing tomorrow morning and get my orders then head to the ER (my RE’s office is located inside the hospital) for my second dose.

I’m just ready for this to be over so I can move on….still having to do blood draws 2-3 times a week has been so draining on me, I’m just ready for it to be finished.

I hope this does the trick! Another thing this does is reset the clock on being able to TTC again (if that’s how we proceed after our break). 😦

43 thoughts on “Methotrexate round 2 coming right up

  1. Oh no 😦 I was really hoping one was it for you. I’m so sorry to read this. Praying the second shot does the trick, and that your hubby is willing to try again once your break is up.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re still working your way through this. I hope this next shot does the trick and you can be done with blood draws for a while. Thinking of you *hugs*

  3. So sorry to read this. It’s nice that there are other options beside surgery, but frustrating that methotrexate is so time consuming.

  4. Oh hon, I’m so sorry you have to take another dose and for the delays. Sending you prayers this does the trick and that this horrible nightmare will end soon. Sending you a huge hug.

  5. Oh Jen! How shitty. I know this will postpone your next cycle, but good news is: we may be cycling together again then! I went for my post-surgery blood draw today AND 5 techs later, no one hit a vein. :S I’m going to wait 2 days and go back again. Hopefully one of the skilled old ladies will be working. Anyway, I pray and hope that your ectopic hell will be over soon enough. Hang in there friend!

  6. Oh no. I know this double dose methotrexate all too well. Hang In there. Keeping you in my thoughts. The sheer length of this cycle is brutal and unfair. It’s a wound that can’t completely heal. I am so sorry. Hugs.

  7. Oh, how I just want this to be over for you! I so hope that this next shot leads to the “reset” that you need right now, and in a timely manner. Stupid hormones.

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