9 weeks post methotrexate

imageFor the past few weeks I’ve been down to just once a week blood draws….last Monday my HCG was 20, and this Monday it was 21….which was a problem. My levels should be going down not staying the same, and definitely not going up. My RE scheduled another appointment with me this morning to discuss and do more testing.

He told me that sometimes in these cases your body can build up antibodies to the HCG and will show that you still have it in  your blood stream even when you really don’t. He said the way they can test this would be to do another HCG….and split the sample into 2 vials. Test 1 sample regularly, and test the other by adding equal parts water to dilute the sample by 50%…..if I still had HCG in my system the levels today should have been 20 & 10, but if it was just the antibodies my levels would be 20 & 20. Sounds confusing right?? Well it sure confused me too.

Well today my levels were 16 & 16….meaning probably that I still had a little HCG in my system, but also my body probably had built up some antibodies. He said everything was okay, and I didn’t need to repeat my HCG again for another month…..so there you have it, 9 weeks post methotrexate for my ectopic pregnancy and I’m still not back to “baseline” yet.

37 thoughts on “9 weeks post methotrexate

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t even imagine how frustrating this is. One of the worst parts is not being able to move on… you haven’t been able to put this completely behind you for so long. Ugh… Hopefully it’s over soon.

  2. I cannot even imagine how infuriating this is for you! For me, each time we hear that the levels have dropped below 5 is when I can finally start to move on from the physical side of the loss because I know it’s actually over. I am so incredibly sorry that you are still waiting for your body to cooperate.

  3. I’m so sorry it’s taking so very long for this process to be over for you!! I really hope that you hit your end point very very soon so you can really move on and put things behind you. Thinking of you!!

  4. So frustrating! I had the same problem with miscarriage #2 and Misoprostol. I took 2 doses of the meds and it still took nearly 6 months for my levels to drop to 0 and get a period. It’s hard enough without this drawn out process. Thinking about you and really hoping those levels drop completely soon!

  5. Aw honey I’m sorry. This just sucks. My levels after miscarriage take a super long time to drop too and it’s agony. I feel for you. I hope you’re able to focus on other things and be gentle with yourself.

  6. I expect it will be below 5 soon enough. I can’t say surgery was easy but at least it was over with quicker. I’ve had two periods already! Always thinking of you too. It was not until I experienced it that I ever thought a miscarriage or ectopic could be so drawn out. You have shown immense strength throughout your journey and I’m proud to share in it with you.

    • I surely hope so!! For ectopic my RE’s office keeps testing until your levels are 0.5 or lower, for whatever reason! I’m just so sorry you had to lose a tube too, but like you said since you’re doing IVF it’s probably better this way. Thank you, you too. It’s such a tough journey, but I know when it’s all “over” we’ll be such wonderful mothers. I’m so happy to have made such a good friend along the way. XOXO

  7. Just wondering how you are, I know we had the chemical pregnancies the same time as eachother after IUI and was gutted to read about your ectopic after that, just wondering how your doing and if your well…we had 2 more IUI’s and had another chemical in September then what we thought was another chemical 2 weeks ago, but I ended up having an emergency op for internal bleeding last Thursday for another ectopic. We are also going to have a break now, after 2 ectopics and 7 chemicals our only hope is ivf. Just like to say i totally feel for you and im sure you also can’t wait for this year to be over…. I truly hope that 2015 is a magical year for you and your husband and wish you all the luck in the world.

    • Oh my goodness, that’s so horrifying. I’m so sorry to hear everything that you’ve been through. Just terrible. Thank you for checking in. I’m okay….I pray that 2015 is a MUCH better year for you guys too. Good luck to you as you move onto IVF!

      • Thank you! I’m glad your doing okay! I’ve not updated my blog for a while now but Hopefully we can blog about much better news in the next year 🙏 best of luck and all the best for 2015!

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