Cysts, again?!?

MjAxMy0xZjU2NjEwN2VmOGZmNzRjAt 12dpiui I took another HPT and it was negative, and I just knew that this cycle was over and IUI #3 had failed. I stopped taking my progesterone and had my follow up appointment this morning. They made me pee in a cup for a urine pregnancy test. Typical protocol, but just felt like a slap in the face….again. Then I met with my RE, he suggested we go ahead and do an ultrasound today to check for cysts to determine what we would do next. Looks like I have 2 cysts, so I have to take a cycle off. Continue reading

BFN today, 11dpiui

I decided to take a test this morning. I had been doing so good this cycle up until today. With the 2 previous IUI’s I tested every day past my IUI to see when the trigger left my system, and once it did that second line never returned. Well I was greeted by a BFN this morning. I realize at 11dpiui I’m not completely out just yet….but I’m literally losing hope by the second. It is such a roller coaster of emotions one goes through on this infertility ride…..feeling pretty low today. I guess at this point I’ll just go ahead and test again every day until Thursday, when I go in for another appointment with my RE. If I get a positive HPT by then I’ll have my beta drawn, if not we’ll discuss our protocol for IUI #4, which shouldn’t be any different than the past since R is against using injectable medications. Continue reading

IUI #3 is in the books

We had our third IUI this morning and I feel really good about it. The sperm count was 9 million post wash, 60% motility, 12% morphology (the best numbers we’ve had with IUI to date). The motility needs to be above 50% and the morphology needs to be above 10%, so we’re good! And now we wait….

20140306-104748.jpgI’ve decided to do the pineapple thing in addition to my BFP Goddess┬áthis cycle. LOL, I’ll take all the help I can get! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, eating a pineapple core after IUI/IVF/ovulation is said to help implantation. You have to buy a fresh pineapple, cut up the whole thing, cut up the core into 5 pieces, and eat one piece per day starting 1DPIUI. Hell, what could it hurt?!? Continue reading

Not ideal, but it could work

This morning I went in for my CD15 follicle check ultrasound. I expected them to see a few good sized follicles and to tell me to trigger tonight or tomorrow…..meaning IUI Friday or Saturday….well that did not happen. Looks like I only have 1 good sized follicle….but there was fluid in my canal (pretty sure that’s the term she used). The fluid indicates that I could have already ovulated. I was pretty disappointed to hear this.

Next I had a sit down with my RE. He said since I still have 1 follicle we could still trigger today and do the IUI tomorrow, but it wasn’t ideal and we could cancel the cycle if we wanted to. I decided that since we already had a good bit invested (time and money) in this cycle I wanted to push forward and go ahead and have it. Continue reading

AM or PM? Trust me it makes a difference!

Clomid ecardThis is my third IUI cycle, and the third time I’ve been on Clomid. I typically take my vitamins and Clomid at night, just before bed. The first 2 rounds I didn’t have many side effects, just a few migraines. Well, for whatever reason I decided that this cycle I would start taking my vitamins and Clomid in the mornings before work. In my mind (I realize this sounds ludicrous now) I decided that if I took Clomid in the AM rather than the PM I would be 1 day quicker growing the follicles. Continue reading

Baseline ultrasound

downloadAF showed up yesterday, in a way I was glad to see her. Since I knew I wasn’t pregnant I’m just glad she didn’t dilly dally and now we can get a move on. I had an ultrasound this morning (CD2) to see if I had an cysts from the last cycle. Luckily I DID NOT! This means we can move on with IUI #3 this cycle, instead of taking a break. I’m excited to be moving on. They say the third time is a charm….I really hope that’s the case for us!!! Continue reading