How much do infertility treatments cost?

money ppppInfertility testing and treatments can add up so quickly. I’ve kept track of all of our costs, just for informational purposes and just wanted to share….for those of you interested, and those of you that might be just starting out on  your journey, just as an idea of what to expect. We have decent insurance, and they’ve covered a decent bit of everything we’ve tried so far, but we’re still out of pocket a good bit Continue reading

Well that was fun

20140107-173229.jpgSo today I had to start my all clear liquids diet in preparation for my surgery tomorrow, so not cool. I’ m telling you what, when I had dinner last night I was mad just thinking of  how hungry I thought I’d be today, lol. I left work at 2:00 pm and took my 4 Dulcolax on the way home then started the Miralax with 8 oz of Lemonade/Gatorade an hour later then again every 10 minutes until the bottle was finished…..I literally had to set an alarm. 8 oz of liquid every 10 minutes is a lot of liquids! By about the 5th round I became uncomfortably full, then started spending some QT with my toilet. Around 5pm I finished the whole bottle of Miralax. All in all it wasn’t so bad. The Miralax mixed great with the lemonade/Gatorade and I couldn’t taste it at all. I was really dreading the liquid diet, but it wasn’t so bad either….started my day with a cup of black coffee (worst part of the diet bc I’m addicted to flavored creamer), had a ginger ale around 10, then at noon I had chicken broth and jello. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely hungry…..but once I started the bowel prep food was the last thing on my mind! Just laying in bed now trying to relax watching Netflix in between urgent trips to the bathroom. Continue reading


no_im_not_pregnant_tee_shirts-re6624c992d4f403fa1b5ff48ee0c7771_8n2rj_512Well, not only did IUI #1 not work but now I have a cyst on my right ovary from the Clomid so we are forced to take this next cycle off. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not bad. It’s actually pretty common with Clomid. It should go away on its own, but if you get pregnant while you have one there could be serious complications, which is the reason for the mandated time off.

What now? Continue reading


So today I’m 5DPIUI & 7 days past trigger so I thought I’d do a little mid-2WW post, although I don’t have much to report. It literally feels like the time is crawling….I’m thinking it will speed up a bit soon though because I’m on vacation Thursday-Sunday, so that should help keep my mind off of things (as much as possible)!

0007045011864_500X500**TMI ALERT** I’ve been having the worst constipation since I started my progesterone suppositories. THE WORST!  Let me tell you about my new best friend who I met just a few days ago, good ol’ prune juice! Don’t let me fool you, it is DISGUSTING, but it does the trick. I’ve started drinking 1 glass in the morning and taking stool softeners around the clock, and I even have a bottle of prune juice at work now in case of emergencies, lol. Sad, but true. Other than the constipation (not that that’s not a TERRIBLE side effect) I haven’t had any other progesterone/pregnancy symptoms. Continue reading

Lucky number 13?

Today, after taking Provera for 5 days I finally started my period!!! Never have I been so happy to see AF, but I’m just so happy to put an end to this cycle from hell (a whopping 54 days). Since AF finally showed today is CD1 of cycle 13 since we started TTC. This cycle we’ll be doing our first IUI, if the “magic time” falls while R is still in town! Really hope our timing is okay this month and he won’t be out of town (he’s leaving Nov 9th). I’m anxious to get started!

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! Our RE wants R to continue taking Clomid (25mg/daily), he said although we’ve decided not to wait the full 90 days to see if it helps his sperm count it definitely couldn’t hurt! For me he’s prescribed Clomid (100mg/daily) for CD5-9, then I have an ultrasound scheduled for CD14 (Nov 5th). Continue reading

Infertility depression and anxiety

I was doing some reading earlier today and came across this astonishing factoid:

Studies have shown that the levels of depression and anxiety in infertile women are comparable to levels in cancer patients. And despite the fact that one in six women and their partners have infertility, unfortunately there’s still a great deal of unnecessary shame and secrecy surrounding it. —

Today is CD33 for me, and while I’ve been told by our RE that we would probably not conceive naturally I can’t help but wonder if I’m pregnant this cycle. Continue reading


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I think what’s been the most frustrating throughout my TTC experience thus far has been the waiting. Waiting to ovulate, two week wait after ovulation before AF, then the cycle repeats itself EVERY MONTH. The anticipation the first several months was terrible for me. I SWORE I had symptoms, and would worry myself to death looking every thing up online. The internet can be your worst enemy when TTC. I feel a bit more relaxed now that we have a plan in place. And I’m not even thinking I’m pregnant this month, b/c odds are I’m not. Since R started Clomid to see if that would help increase his numbers we’re going to give that the recommended 3 months to see if it helps. We’ll have our first IUI in December. So between now and December I’m going to try and relax more and do more “me-things” that I won’t be able to do as often once pregnant. It’s not easy, I still get very anxious sometimes. But I’m dealing. Continue reading

What’s next?

I called my RE’s office today to schedule our first IUI for December…..well little did I know, it doesn’t quite work like that. The way the nurse explained it to me was the cycle we decided to have an IUI I would need to call on cycle day (CD) 1 to get a prescription for myself for Clomid. I would take the Clomid CD 5 – CD 9. Then between CD 13 & 15 (depending on the day of the week) I would go into the office for an ultrasound to see how many and what size follicles I was “growing” to determine when to do the IUI. Continue reading

Just another day with infertility

Even though we’ll probably need medication and/or fertility treatments I can’t help but get my hopes up each month that I’m pregnant. That’s been the most draining part of this whole experience. I wish after your fertile window you could test right then and there, instead of that dreadful two week wait! I find it impossible to “just relax” while TTC. I should be ovulating sometime soon, I stopped charting/temping a few weeks ago….but still feel like a crazy person sometimes. R just started Clomid yesterday, hoping within the next few months it makes a difference! Fingers crossed!

I hate getting my hopes up

R started Clomid

We decided to start with R taking Clomid to see if that would help increase his sperm count. He’s taking 25 mg/day (the normal dose when they prescribe it for women is 50, so he’s just taking 1/2 pill per day), which will cost us around $60/month. Something I should point out is that our insurance paid for 100% of our infertility testing to diagnose the problem, but anything after that is completely out of pocket. I also have him taking a One-a-Day multi-vitamin and Fertility Blend for men (an OTC medication that is said to help increase sperm count). Continue reading