Diva Cup Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Impatiently Waiting For The Stork, you’ve won the Diva Cup Giveaway. I sent you an email just a bit ago to ask for your mailing address, and I imagine your Diva Cup will be on its way to you in no time! I hope you end up loving it as much as I love mine.

Moving right along

This afternoon I had an appointment with my RE to check on my cyst and talk about the protocol for our upcoming cycle. R was supposed to come with me. We talked about it last week, I put it on his calendar, but sure enough when I was talking with him about it last night he said he was going to be stuck in another town with clients and he wouldn’t be able to make it. It ended up not being that big of a deal at all that he wasn’t there. First I had an ultrasound, and I was cyst free, so that’s awesome! Next I went to my RE’s office where we talked. He had a student doctor with him today so he printed off my history so they could read over it. It was a whopping 5 pages and he said, “it’s about time to get you pregnant before we have to go on to a sixth sheet!” I couldn’t agree more! Continue reading

Diva Cup Giveaway


Interested in winning your very own Diva Cup? Then this is the post for you! Not sure what a Diva Cup is, take a look at my product review here.

The contest will end on Friday, April 11th, the winner will be chosen at random. All you have to do is fill out this contact form below and click “submit”. You can enter the giveaway once per day, and can get an extra 5 entries by re-blogging this giveaway.

Click here for help deciding which model you need.


**The Diva Cup will be providing the winner with their own Diva Cup



The Diva Cup

DivaCup on BagThe Diva Cup is an internally worn reusable silicon menstrual cup and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons. It can be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying, washing and reinserting for another 12 hours.

I can’t remember exactly how I heard about it, but I’m pretty sure it was from an infertility sister. There is also a theory about how tampons can cause infertility in women (for more details on this click here). Continue reading

Just one of those days

R has a trial out of town this week, so left earlier today and won’t be back until Tuesday night…..leaving me all alone, with my thoughts. This trip couldn’t have come at a worse time for me, just feeling very low. Plus, tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my mothers death, double whammy. I finally got out of bed as he was leaving earlier today, and did a bit of cleaning and organizing, then made a trip to target. Now I’m back at the house watching tv just waiting for bed. It’s ridiculous how much spare time I have sometimes, even with a full time job and grad school. I know I should enjoy this time while we still don’t have kids, but I resent it at times. I’ll be okay, tomorrow I’ll probably feel better, I know it’s just my hormones making me extra crazy today. AF started yesterday, today is CD2. I’m using a diva cup for AF this cycle for the first time, I plan to add a full review for those that might be interested…..but so far so good! Hoping for a good week!!