How much do infertility treatments cost?

money ppppInfertility testing and treatments can add up so quickly. I’ve kept track of all of our costs, just for informational purposes and just wanted to share….for those of you interested, and those of you that might be just starting out on  your journey, just as an idea of what to expect. We have decent insurance, and they’ve covered a decent bit of everything we’ve tried so far, but we’re still out of pocket a good bit Continue reading


no_im_not_pregnant_tee_shirts-re6624c992d4f403fa1b5ff48ee0c7771_8n2rj_512Well, not only did IUI #1 not work but now I have a cyst on my right ovary from the Clomid so we are forced to take this next cycle off. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not bad. It’s actually pretty common with Clomid. It should go away on its own, but if you get pregnant while you have one there could be serious complications, which is the reason for the mandated time off.

What now? Continue reading


So today I’m 5DPIUI & 7 days past trigger so I thought I’d do a little mid-2WW post, although I don’t have much to report. It literally feels like the time is crawling….I’m thinking it will speed up a bit soon though because I’m on vacation Thursday-Sunday, so that should help keep my mind off of things (as much as possible)!

0007045011864_500X500**TMI ALERT** I’ve been having the worst constipation since I started my progesterone suppositories. THE WORST!  Let me tell you about my new best friend who I met just a few days ago, good ol’ prune juice! Don’t let me fool you, it is DISGUSTING, but it does the trick. I’ve started drinking 1 glass in the morning and taking stool softeners around the clock, and I even have a bottle of prune juice at work now in case of emergencies, lol. Sad, but true. Other than the constipation (not that that’s not a TERRIBLE side effect) I haven’t had any other progesterone/pregnancy symptoms. Continue reading

Clomid side effects?

Just finished my 5 days of Clomid last night. My only symptoms were cramping and I felt more emotional than normal. When I say cramping I don’t mean anything terrible, I guess it just felt like my body was working overtime maturing some follicles, as funny as that sounds….and I’m hoping that’s exactly what’s going on. may cause extreme sexinessI’m just thankful I didn’t experience any of the crazy side effects I had heard/read about like: headaches, nausea, hot flashes, hair loss, breast tenderness, etc…..although from other things I’ve read the “real side effects” of Clomid don’t kick in until a week after your last dose. If that’s true then I’m quite sure that this 2WW will be harder/worse than normal! Continue reading

Infertility depression and anxiety

I was doing some reading earlier today and came across this astonishing factoid:

Studies have shown that the levels of depression and anxiety in infertile women are comparable to levels in cancer patients. And despite the fact that one in six women and their partners have infertility, unfortunately there’s still a great deal of unnecessary shame and secrecy surrounding it. —

Today is CD33 for me, and while I’ve been told by our RE that we would probably not conceive naturally I can’t help but wonder if I’m pregnant this cycle. Continue reading

R started Clomid

We decided to start with R taking Clomid to see if that would help increase his sperm count. He’s taking 25 mg/day (the normal dose when they prescribe it for women is 50, so he’s just taking 1/2 pill per day), which will cost us around $60/month. Something I should point out is that our insurance paid for 100% of our infertility testing to diagnose the problem, but anything after that is completely out of pocket. I also have him taking a One-a-Day multi-vitamin and Fertility Blend for men (an OTC medication that is said to help increase sperm count). Continue reading

My story

Thoughts of infertile womenI’m a planner, I like everything on the calendar, and I’m very organized. So when R & I started TTC last fall I assumed that in just a few short months I would be pregnant…no problems. Well each month I had what I thought were symptoms of being pregnant, and it’s almost like I had pregnancy/TTC amnesia every month. Near the end of my cycle I would be driving myself crazy on the internet trying to see if a pain in my underarm could be a pregnancy symptom. Continue reading