Insanity: Week 5



I¬†finished week 6 of insanity yesterday….. but since they don’t count the “recovery week” as a week (which makes no sense at all) it’s known as “week 5” in the program….so this post will be my review of week 5. Holy hell, the workouts in “Month 2” are a LOT harder!! They are longer by 10-15 minutes (which in insanity time is a LOT LONGER)….and a lot more intense. On Monday, my first workout of the week I burned 761 calories in 1 hour….. Continue reading

Weigh in Friday

weigh-less-on-FridayTGIF, am I right?!?! It has been a LONG week!! Well, as promised I weight myself this morning and it wasn’t so pretty……I’m up 0.8 lbs from the last time I weighed myself which was 6/9 (only 2 lbs down since I started Insanity). I know what needs to change though, and I’m okay with it. I’ve been killing it with my workouts, but my diet….not so much. I’ve decided to switch to shakes for breakfast and dinner….and have a “normal” lunch, which still will keep me within my calorie range for the day, and still allow me to eat some of the things I like. Continue reading