Three months ago I was honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award by one of my closest Infertility Sisters, Lindsey at Awaiting Autumn. I started this blog back in September as a way to vent and document my journey. Never did I imagine that people would actually read and engage in my blog in the way they have, I’ve met some really kick ass ladies through this journey, and they’ve really helped get me through some tough times. Recently I stumbled upon a new infertility blog LOVEcomaMOM, and Daniela and I really hit it off. Our stories are very similar, and we started emailing regularly. She nominated me for the Liebster award today, and I’m just so honored. Since I’ve already received the award I’m really not sure what the protocol is, but I figured I’d still answer her questions….it’s a fun way to get to know each other better. And hell, it’s a nice change in pace from my normal posts where I talk about needles, money, drugs, depression, you name it! Continue reading

Award winning!

liebsterblogawardI’d like to give a big HUG and THANK YOU to Lindsey at Awaiting Autumn for nominating me for a Liebster Award, you are so sweet this meant so much to me. I decided to accept my nomination as a welcome distraction from my normal posts about cycle days, tests, shots, pills and procedures….plus it’s a fun way to get to know me better.

I’m so glad that I decided to start blogging about my infertility journey in September of 2013 and so thankful that so many of you actually care what’s going on in my life, at least enough to read and comment regularly on my blog, lol. Continue reading