Devastating news from a friend

I got some pretty heartbreaking news over the weekend. Close friends of ours (I wrote about their story back in September), who also dealt with MFI and got pregnant on their 4th IUI with twins lost their girls last week. She went into pre-term labor last Wednesday at 22 weeks. She delivered both of the girls alive and they died soon after birth….just too young and small to survive. The funeral is tomorrow, I’m certain it will be the hardest funeral I’ve ever been too. Please pray for my friends. I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through right now. a-beautiful_twin_angels-786033

Good news from a friend

I have a girlfriend who is going through the exact same situation we are (MFI), only they’ve been at it a year longer than us. She gave me some VERY encouraging news over the weekend, she is currently 12 weeks pregnant with twins. Continue reading