DIY Minky Satin Trimmed Baby Blanket

I love craftingI had been wanting to make my newest niece (born in June) a baby blanket for sometime now and have a girlfriend who is currently pregnant with her second baby boy… I decided to finally get started. Crafting really helps me keep my mind off of things, and keeps me busy.

There are so many cute choices on Etsy for similar blankets, but I just couldn’t find the exact fabric that I wanted….plus I really liked the idea of them being handmade (by me).

You’re really not saving any/much money or time by making it yourself (each of mine cost $20-25 for the materials, and took around 2 hours to make), but it is a fun/relatively easy project and will make a great gift! I found a great tutorial online which I followed step-by-step, except for the fabric choices. The tutorial was excellent, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make a blanket similar to the ones I made.

baby girl blanket

baby boy blanket

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 yard minky fabric (Both colors I purchased were on sale for $8.99/yard)
  • 1 yard coordinating fabric for back You can do the same fabric for both front and back, or do two different fabrics like I did. (Pink Chevron on sale for $4.19/yard, Grey/Teal Animal on sale for $9.99/yard)
  • 1 package of satin binding. I went with silver/grey for both blankets. ($7.49/package)
  • Coordinating Thread – same color as the satin binding ($5.59/spool) I purchased all of my supplies from JoAnn Fabric, but you could also get everything you need from Hancock FabricHobby Lobby, Crafts 2000, or Make sure you use a coupon if you go into JoAnn’s….I NEVER go into that place without one…they have a nifty little app for the iPhone that always has some good ones, and I like to check out the RetailMeNot app too. Sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to use 2 coupons.  Also, I doubled everything (except for the thread, 1 spool of thread was more than enough for 2 blankets) on the list above because I was making 2 blankets.

pink minky fabric

teal minky fabric

Be sure to follow these essential tips:

  • Wash AND dry your fabric before you start. It WILL shrink, and you want it to do so before you sew it.
  • DO NOT iron the minky fabric. Ironing and high heat will ruin the nap and any embossing in the fabric.
  • If the fabric you choose has stripes or a repetitive pattern be sure to think about the orientation when laying out your fabric,  like I did with chevron print….I was sure to line it up to where it would be straight along the borders.
  • Use a straight edge like a yard stick to make your marks on the fabric before sewing, this will help you keep things in line.
  • Take your time with the corners. This is the most frustrating part of the whole process, and will likely take the most time.


For whatever reason 1 yard of the minky fabric I purchased was quite a bit more than 1 yard of the coordinating cotton fabric so I will be making a few taggie blankets with the extra (a small blanket the size of a wash cloth…maybe a bit bigger, with ribbons around it as sensory objects for a baby). I made another trip to JoAnn Fabric the other day to get some coordinating fabric for the back and some spools of ribbon. I’ll be sure to post pics and a tutorial after I finish them!

Happy crafting! 🙂

8 thoughts on “DIY Minky Satin Trimmed Baby Blanket

  1. They look great! I started making baby blankets a year or two ago. For every 4 I made for someone else, I made one for my someday child. I ended up with 6. When you are ready, maybe you could do the same? With love, ❤

  2. I love this 🙂 I’ve been crafting so much lately that I’ve decided I’m starting an Etsy shop. It’s completely been keeping me busy and my mind off of things. I’m hoping to have it up and running by the end of the month and I’ll share the link then. Maybe you should do a shop too 🙂

  3. Very cute! I’ve found these baby blanket kits at Wal-Mart for about $20, they come with everything you need except thread. I can’t for the life of me think of the brand right now, but they basically make a little quilt. Crafting puts me in my happy place too 🙂

  4. I love love love your blankets so much. As the daughter of a seamstress I wish I could say I were a better sewer and more crafty generally. Then I might harbour some delusion of making something anywhere near as nice as your lovely blankets. Thank goodness for my bank account I recognize my limitations. You could market these though – I’d buy several!!

    On a more heartfelt note, I hope you are hanging in there, sweetie. Hugs.

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