Clomid side effects?

Just finished my 5 days of Clomid last night. My only symptoms were cramping and I felt more emotional than normal. When I say cramping I don’t mean anything terrible, I guess it just felt like my body was working overtime maturing some follicles, as funny as that sounds….and I’m hoping that’s exactly what’s going on. may cause extreme sexinessI’m just thankful I didn’t experience any of the crazy side effects I had heard/read about like: headaches, nausea, hot flashes, hair loss, breast tenderness, etc…..although from other things I’ve read the “real side effects” of Clomid don’t kick in until a week after your last dose. If that’s true then I’m quite sure that this 2WW will be harder/worse than normal! Continue reading

Special delivery

HCG trigger shot kitWell, not the kind from the stork…..just the kind from FedEx. My HCG trigger shot kit arrived Friday, even though we won’t actually be using it for another week-ish. R & I joked that we were taking baby making to a new level, Baby Making 2.0 lol.

I’ll be starting Clomid tonight, I’ve read the side effects can be better if it’s taken at night instead of in the morning. Hopefully they’re right!

Lucky number 13?

Today, after taking Provera for 5 days I finally started my period!!! Never have I been so happy to see AF, but I’m just so happy to put an end to this cycle from hell (a whopping 54 days). Since AF finally showed today is CD1 of cycle 13 since we started TTC. This cycle we’ll be doing our first IUI, if the “magic time” falls while R is still in town! Really hope our timing is okay this month and he won’t be out of town (he’s leaving Nov 9th). I’m anxious to get started!

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! Our RE wants R to continue taking Clomid (25mg/daily), he said although we’ve decided not to wait the full 90 days to see if it helps his sperm count it definitely couldn’t hurt! For me he’s prescribed Clomid (100mg/daily) for CD5-9, then I have an ultrasound scheduled for CD14 (Nov 5th). Continue reading

First time taking Provera

My RE finally called in my prescription for Provera Friday night, and I started taking it Saturday, today is day 3. I’m taking 1 pill/day for 10 days and AF should come visit anytime now…or as late as a few days after my last dose. If I haven’t started within 14 days I’m to call the RE and he wants to see me. The only side effect I’ve noticed is severe breast tenderness, which is annoying! If it were a pregnancy symptom I don’t think it would piss me off as much, but b/c it’s just b/c of the medicine it irritates me, lol. Continue reading

CD47 ultrasound

Well, today is CD47 for me! I haven’t taken a HPT since Friday (CD43), just didn’t want to waste any more money tests or get my hopes up unnecessarily.

This afternoon I went into my RE’s office for an ultrasound since I’m so late. My doctor is out of town until Friday, so I just met with the RN/ultrasound tech today and she performed a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m definitely not pregnant, and there doesn’t appear to be any “problem” or reason why I haven’t started by now. Continue reading

Never have I ever

Today I’m on CD43. Of course I didn’t temp/chart this cycle, so I don’t know exactly when I ovulated (if at all), but AF should have arrived by now if I’m not pregnant! Even if I didn’t ovulate, I should have had a period by now! I took another HPT this morning with FMU, BFN. Continue reading

Things to never say to a woman experiencing infertility

After TTC #1 for 12 months now I’ve heard a few AWFUL things from friends/family that know we’re TTC. I’m quite sure they mean well, they just don’t know what to say….and instead of saying nothing they end up saying too much. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t have told people we were even TTC at all. Being constantly asked about what’s going on is helpful some days, and excruciating other days. Going through this has taught me so much, and you honestly have NO idea how you would act/react until you’ve been put in a similar situation. Here are a few of the awful things I’ve heard: Continue reading

CD40, high anxiety

Today is CD 40 for me. Since beginning TTC the average of all of my cycles is 30 days. This cycle we decided to “relax” a bit more, so I didn’t temp/chart/take OPK’s, so I really don’t know exactly when I ovulated, but based on my average cycles I’m calculating that today AF is 10 days late. The most recent HPT I took was last night (I know I should have waited to use FMU), and it was a BFN… the odds are that I’m not pregnant. Unless I’m in that TINY percentage of women that don’t get positive HPT’s, but I’m really trying not to get my hopes up. Continue reading

Infertility depression and anxiety

I was doing some reading earlier today and came across this astonishing factoid:

Studies have shown that the levels of depression and anxiety in infertile women are comparable to levels in cancer patients. And despite the fact that one in six women and their partners have infertility, unfortunately there’s still a great deal of unnecessary shame and secrecy surrounding it. —

Today is CD33 for me, and while I’ve been told by our RE that we would probably not conceive naturally I can’t help but wonder if I’m pregnant this cycle. Continue reading