So, last time I talked about my stomach issues (read here) I told you that my doctor gave me 1.5 weeks of Amitiza to sample for my IBS-C. Well after trying the medication for a week I decided not to keep taking it.



I really didn’t notice it helping much at all with my bowel movements, and around 3:00 pm every day I had the world’s worst heart burn. I had a pain in my chest that WOULD NOT go away, for hours….very painful. For now, I’ve decided to just “self medicate” myself by taking MiraLAX daily, and I think diet & exercise will help too.


Answers….sort of

0_263_393_http---offlinehbpl.hbpl.co.uk-news-2MM-Amitiza-lubiprostone-chronic-idiopathic-constipation-chloride-channel-activator-diet-bowel-movement-201310220401137So after this mornings weigh-in I was beyond frustrated, I was PISSED! I called my family doctor to make an appointment and they said they could squeeze me in this afternoon. First I told the doctor about my constipation/stomach issues, then I told her about my weight loss (or lack there of) journey and how frustrated I was! She asked me a million questions, felt around on my stomach and back….then told me that she wanted me to try a prescription called Amitiza for my bowels. It’s prescribed for IBS with constipation (SEE I KNEW I HAD IBS!!!).

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Chronic stomach pains?

For the past several months I’ve been experiencing stomach issues on and off, and when it’s on they’re terrible. For example I have really bad lower back pain (usually on my right side) that I think is from gas/constipation…and I feel like when I do use the bathroom I never get it all out (sorry, TMI). Typically this pain is at the end of the day, when I’m laying down. I tried taking some stool softeners last night, but I still haven’t gotten any relief….I may have to break out the Milk of Magnesia tonight!


With Dr. Google’s help I diagnosed myself with IBS (not the kind where you go all the time, but the kind where you get bad pains and constipation regularly). Continue reading