IUI #4, here we go!

Today’s appointment was such a waste, there’s no reason it couldn’t have been tied into the appointment I had last Tuesday…..and R didn’t even really have to come with me (even though he did). With the dosage of hMG I’ll be taking my RE said the likelihood of OHSS is slim to none. Then we went over the statistics regarding multiples AGAIN. Jeez, if we talk about it one more time I think R will get cold feet and back out. He gave us a consent form to take home and read over and bring back on my next appointment…..about the medication, what it does, and the chance of multiples. Did you know that hMG, the injectables I’m going to be taking, is purified urine from postmenopausal women?!? How gross is that?!?

So I stopped taking the Norethindrone this past Tuesday. I’ll begin taking Clomid (100 mg/daily) on Tuesday, April 22, for 5 days, then on Saturday, April 26 I’ll begin giving myself my injections (75 IU/day). My RE wants to see me back for an ultrasound after I’ve had 4 doses of the injectables to see how I’m responding since this is my first time using the medication, so I have an appointment on April 30th for that. At that point he’ll either have me keep taking the hMG, stop, or adjust the dosage. I’ll likely have IUI #4 on or around May 6th.

So, here’s what IUI #4 looks like:

Selective reduction & OHSS

So after my mild freak out Friday I actually was able to relax and have a wonderful weekend. I was thinking about how calm I’ve been lately, but I”m sure it’s just because we’ve “been on a break”. I’m sure that all of this calm will go out the window as soon as our next cycle starts. Guess we’ll see. Lately, instead of just praying that God will bless us with a child, I’ve been praying for peace. Maybe it’s helping.

My IUI nurse called me back this morning to set me straight on my medications. She said just what all of you suggested, that you take a paper towel/alcohol wipe and break off the tip of the ampules to access the medication, also when they order from IVFmeds.com they can’t send needles through customs which is why my package didn’t have any. She said she would have my RE call in a prescription to my local CVS for my needles and sharps container. She also asked if we had signed the consent yet for the injectables? I was a little upset at this question, because I just had an appointment last week….and he said nothing about it, but I need to just let that go. Our RE will want to talk to us about how they recommend selective reduction if we get pregnant with more than triplets and the possibility of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). That appointment is this Thursday at 11:30 am, hoping it doesn’t freak out R too much. Please pray for him!

I also found out that the hMG is an intramuscular (IM) shot, which means butt or thigh with a 1.5 inch needle like the HCG trigger shot…..I wasn’t too excited about that. I was okay with the idea of giving myself a subcutaneous shot in the stomach for 5-10 days, but I’m a little freaked out about the IM shots. I’m going to try not to stress over it though, I’ll either work up the strength to do it myself or I’ll have a friend do it for me, it’s not a big deal!

I’m going to take my last dose of Norethindrone tomorrow evening, and hopefully will be getting my period around Thursday or Friday of this week, so we should be getting started with our IUI #4 cycle very soon!

How do you even open these?!???!

My injectable meds for my upcoming IUI arrived today, which was exciting BUT the package didn’t contain any needles or syringes (which I told them I DID need) and it’s in these weird looking vials that I don’t even know how to open. I phoned my RE’s office and left a voicemail (since it was after hours) and told them my concerns. Since they regularly use this pharmacy I’m certain this isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure they’ll set me straight. I’m not stressed, it’ll still be a week to two weeks before I even need to use the medication…..was just a bit weirded out.



Looks like my meds made it to the US! Hopefully not too much longer until they make their way to my house! :) :) I’m feeling really hopeful about this cycle. I guess I’m just excited to be trying something new (even though it involves shooting myself up with hormones for 5-10 days). Even if it doesn’t work this cycle, I know we’re one step closer to being pregnant….and that really excites me.


I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

250499336_640Now before you go getting all excited I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about the TV show on TLC & Discovery Health. The show is about women who carry their babies all the way to delivery with no idea that they were ever pregnant. It just seems so unreal to me, I just don’t get it. The women are normally a little heavier, and some are older so they don’t get regular periods….but still, for 9 months how did you not know you were pregnant?!? Some of them even have other children, so they should have known how to recognize certain symptoms along the way. Not to mention, every one of the episodes I’ve seen the babies are always healthy even though the mother’s didn’t have any prenatal care and weren’t taking prenatal vitamins.

I heard on the radio last week that there was one of these situations here locally. The radio hosts were joking that they don’t know why the church doesn’t get involved in cases like this and claim immaculate conception, lol. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

Apparently there are enough of these situations to make a whole tv show about it, just seems so far fetched to me. What do you think? Have you ever known anyone in this type of situation?

Moving right along

This afternoon I had an appointment with my RE to check on my cyst and talk about the protocol for our upcoming cycle. R was supposed to come with me. We talked about it last week, I put it on his calendar, but sure enough when I was talking with him about it last night he said he was going to be stuck in another town with clients and he wouldn’t be able to make it. It ended up not being that big of a deal at all that he wasn’t there. First I had an ultrasound, and I was cyst free, so that’s awesome! Next I went to my RE’s office where we talked. He had a student doctor with him today so he printed off my history so they could read over it. It was a whopping 5 pages and he said, “it’s about time to get you pregnant before we have to go on to a sixth sheet!” I couldn’t agree more!

My meds were supposed to arrive yesterday, but they didn’t. When I called to check on them the office said they were running a bit behind this week because of supply, and honestly I don’t mind b/c of the money I’m saving…..well worth waiting a bit longer. So, since my meds haven’t arrived yet I’ll keep taking Norethindrone until they do. Once the meds arrive I’m supposed to phone my RE’s office for instructions. He said that when coming off of the Norethindrone it kind of messes up your cycle days a bit. I’ll likely still bleed (I did last time), but I may not have a full/real period. 7 days after I stop taking the Norethindrone I’ll start taking Clomid, 100 mg for 5 days, and 3 days after I start the Clomid I’ll start the hMG injections. I’ll do between 5 & 10 days of the hMG, depending on how my body reacts. He said not to freak out if we get 6 or 7 good sized follicles, which will likely happen b/c I don’t have any issues…with the MFI our likelihood of even triplets is very low. I’ll have more ultrasounds with this cycle, they will watch me a lot more closely with the addition of the hMG injections. So here we go….moving right along! By my rough calculations (assuming my meds show up soon) I’ll probably be having IUI#4 around the end of April or beginning of May.

705f442626bcf0db1b6a96cd179bd7c4I found this picture on Pinterest, and thought it was so fitting and it made me laugh. Unfortunately for me LMFAO is talking about a different kind of shot then the shots I’m getting ready to take (Novarel/Ovidrel is the HCG trigger shot, and Follistim is similar to the hMG I’ll be taking).

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18 months

18NumberEighteenInCircle18 months, 1 & 1/2 years, 546 days. That’s how long we’ve been TTC. Don’t get me wrong, I know in the infertility community this is nothing compared to the length of time some people struggle…..but regardless, it is a long time….and something about this number is just tough for me. I realize this is illogical, but 18 months makes me think I should have had 2 babies by now…and yet I’m not even pregnant with my first.

Infertility robs us, it robs us of the normal excitement of TTC and getting pregnant. Instead we’re having timed intercourse, fertility treatments, taking medications/injections, doing anything/everything to get us closer to that elusive BFP.

I know this seems like a really negative post, I just needed to vent. I’m very excited and hopeful going into our next cycle, IUI #4 with injectables…..but I just wanted to reflect today on that number, 18. Hoping & praying that number doesn’t get too much bigger before I’m pregnant. ;)

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Injectable meds have been ordered!

repronexA representative from IVFMeds.com called me today to confirm my prescription, and for payment of course. He had the most adorable British accent (they’re located in Europe). Looks like I’ll be taking the generic of Repronex/Menopur, which is a hMG (Human Menopausal Gonadropin). I ordered 10 vials of the 75 IU, they were $25/each…..for a total of $299 including tax and shipping, and they’ll arrive by next Monday. The $299 price tag is without insurance coverage, unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover injectables, but this would have cost $1,200+ if we bought the same medications in the US….so we’re very lucky our RE lets us order our medication from IVFMeds.com. I’ll find out my exact protocol when I meet with my RE next week (4/8), they asked that I bring in the medication with me. R is going to try and be at that appointment too. Since this will be our first injectables cycle they have to go over everything in detail and will make us sign a release form stating that we understand the risks of multiples.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can think of a MILLION other things I’d rather spend $299 on, and I’m not thrilled at the thought of giving myself 10 shots in the next cycle (in addition to the HCG trigger shot), but I’m really excited!! :)